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Let’s get rid of the junk you know must go …

Guilt, Fear, Certain People, Bad Habits, Procrastination, Clutter, Poor Results…

and the rest of it!

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Finally … a coach with a proven process to take charge of my life without me having to suffer!

Life’s Too Short To Be Unhappy, Sick, Tired, Or Broke

Turn Your Purpose Into Prosperity!


If you sit down with Sean, listen closely to what he has to say. He really knows what he is talking about. Sean Gordon can help you change any aspect of your business or life

Bob Proctor

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Thinking Into Results

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1:1 Coaching

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Success Isn’t Luck.

Success Is ...

Clarity Of Purpose
Action Of Head, Heart & Body

Do you ever feel that you should be able to DO MORE, BE MORE, and HAVE MORE but you don’t?

Do you know people who are no smarter than you who seem to power ahead while you stay stuck?

Back in 2003, while I was still a school principal, I discovered that I already knew enough (and could already do enough) to make a massive improvement in my results.

What I needed was a coach who taught me how to do what I know, then everything changed!

That gap between ‘knowing and doing’ is frustrating and can keep you stuck for years for reasons I explain in a free article I wrote entitled, ‘The Knowing – Doing Gap’. These insights alone might be enough to help you break free sooner. Grab a copy for yourself here.

I now spend my time helping people cross their knowing doing gap.

Corporate Coaching
Sean Gordon Mindset Coach

Success leaves tracks and I will be delighted to show you the way

If you are feeling stuck with your career, your business, your health, your relationships, your wealth, your confidence, I can show you what Bob showed me, and you can take charge of any aspect of your life quickly and permanently. Imagine how that will feel!

Imagine how your partner or kids will see you once you do what you know you are capable of doing.

Staying stuck is the most expensive thing financially, emotionally, and spiritually. It doesn’t have to be that way!

If You Are Ready To Get Rid Of The Junk
You Know Must Go …


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“Sean Gordon has been a wonderfully positive person in both my personal and professional growth. With deep knowledge and sincere integrity, Sean delivers over and above what is promised. The big difference with Sean (I believe), is you don’t just get a course and a trainer, you also get direct access to a great mind, someone who answers the phone when you need to float an idea, someone who challenges your thought process when you are stuck with the next step. This guy is the real deal”.

Tara Hawley – Business Owner Tara Hawley – Business Owner
Governor-General’s Residence Admiralty House, Kirribilli, Sydney
Governor-General’s Residence Admiralty House, Kirribilli, Sydney

You Already Know What To Do ... Let Me Show Your How To Do What You Know.

Being prosperous is about living happily with what you have (gratitude) while moving purposefully towards becoming the person you would like to become and enjoying the things you really want in your life.

After years working closely with school children, self-employed business owners, C suite executives, sales teams, principals & teachers, mumpreneurs, even the semi-retired, it’s totally possible for ANYONE who makes a DECISION to change to step up quickly to the results that they know in their gut they ought to be achieving.

It’s simply a matter of knowing the way, learning the proven strategies and following the principles (that all successful people leverage) to take charge once and for all.

Book a time to explore what that might look like for you here. What have you got to lose?


“Executive coaching yielded a return on investment of
almost six times its cost”

– Study of 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies, conducted by Manchester Inc, Florida, USA 2000.


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