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About Modere

Modere’s slogan, Live Clean is way more than a buzz phrase – It’s the foundation of everything they offer.

Modere understands that to change the world, the way people look at their own health and wellbeing needs to change first. By educating and encouraging individuals to become aware of what they put in, on and around their bodies, we’re helping reduce the amount of toxic and potentially harmful ingredients from people’s lives.

As my coaching philosophy pays attention to keeping our thoughts ‘clean’, Modere’s range takes care of the rest including personal cleaning products, personal hygiene and lifestyle.

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my Modere Story

About 25 years ago we became aware of the myriad chemicals that we seem to swim in each day as we go about our daily lives – potentially harmful and outright harmful “stuff” in things we use in our homes and businesses. I’m not thinking of the pool chlorine or petrol in the shed either, I mean the seemingly innocuous things in the kitchen, the laundry and the bathroom that are clearly not good for our environment, nor for us.

Reading labels became a bit of a game at the shops trying to see if the products had things like SLS, SLES, Propylene glycol and the like as I no longer wanted my family (or me) to have this as a daily exposure. I was also keen to be sure that waste from our home was not going to damage the environment. A friend introduced us to Modere and the label reading days were over as their mission is “live clean” and the products are effective and among the safest in the world to my knowledge.

Now it is the norm to order online and have products delivered, back then this was seen as a bit odd! I’m glad we persisted and I remain keen to introduce others to this terrific company who’s CEO is listed as TOP 10 of global female CEO’s with innovation driving growth year on year.

The company is over 30 years old and now has a raft of products for home care, personal care, collagen joint and skin support beauty, weight management, sports and nutrition. We use many of these products in place of those we used to buy at the supermarkets and are happy to share with others interested in the benefits associated with the live clean, environmentally responsible and shop online scene.

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