My passion is helping people and organisations find their purpose and I have a range of presentations and workshops that focus on that topic. I am available for keynote speaking, workshop facilitation and executive team coaching.

In 2016 I spoke to some 17 000 people in two countries and 9 cities with audiences ranging from 5 to 6 500. I have personal experience in the education, business / corporate, and not for profit spaces – I can assist with understanding where results come from (not where you might think either) and how to make serious change quickly to improve these.

Topics I speak on include:

  • Results – overcoming procrastination once and for all
  • Team work and the power of the mastermind
  • Self-image and self-sabotage
  • Corporate culture and creating a unified team
  • Praxis and the importance of walking your talk
  • Purpose driven business – attracting & retaining the best … improving the bottom line
  • Gratitude as a tool to increase happiness and productivity
  • Crossing the knowing-doing gap
  • Sales 101 – getting back to basics
  • Thinking versus mere mental activity
  • Thredbo – a personal experience and the centrality of CSR at your company
  • Tough love and tougher kids
  • Living above the line – pain of regret V pain of discipline
  • Preparing for a world we can’t even imagine
  • Paradigms – the five things you must understand if anything is to change


I worked with Sean for several years, starting 2008. He is an inspiring speaker, leader and motivator, and yet can be a genuine team member, as well. Sean demonstrated a philosophical approach to great changes within our business model, seeing them as a valuable life lesson and a challenge, rather than a problem. He was a delight to work with.

– Lisa Kerr
QLD Area Developer – Kip McGrath Education Centres – 2016

I met Sean by random chance at Los Angeles International Airport and we hit it off instantly, I fast found out that this is not a surprise because Sean is an amazing person that emits a great energy and people are just attracted to him.  He wears his heart on his sleeve and gives all of himself for his students and his programs.  I will admit initially I had my reservations but something about his energy drew me to work closer with Sean and take him on as a Coach and Mentor.  After getting to know Sean and working with him closer, I know now what I was feeling and I have developed a deep respect and love for his calm and collected nature, yet positive and energetic attitude towards absolutely everything in life.  Since meeting Sean nothing but positive things are happening in my family’s life: myself and my entire family are healthier in our bodies (collectively about 30kg healthier in less than 6 months!), we are healthier in our minds and we are much happier in our household, not just me, but my wife and kids too.  My business is also growing faster than ever and my confidence both on a personal and business level is stronger than it has ever been.  I have more work and business challenge than I have ever had in my life but I have never been so calm.  I can’t pinpoint how or when he was able to impact on these changes, I can only just say it is his energy, passion and drive that rubs off on you and allows life’s challenges seem all so easy.

Thank you Sean for walking into my life and having such a profound impact and I sincerely hope that we can remain connected for many years to come, both on a personal and business level.

Thanks Sean!  Our family loves and appreciates all you have done for us!

– Ali Akbarian
Business Owner Mobilty Solutions – Engineering

Through his leadership and involvement with principal associations, Sean is able to connect and build strong relationships with a range of people. Sean has that unique ability to inspire people to think and act beyond their immediate self. He brings out the best in people. People will find it very hard to say no and more than not, will commit generously due to wanting to feel a part of something positive, innovative and proactive. He speaks passionately and engages his audience in the topic. His humility is evident and he constantly seeks ways to put others at the centre of his work. Sean displays passion, commitment, integrity and has strong work ethic.

– Dennis Yarrington
2017 President – Australian Primary Principals Association

A brilliant communicator … Sean Gordon makes an inspiring impact with his life.

– Tony Ryan
Australian President 2012, National Speakers Association, Author and Learning Futurist

His ability to assess a situation calmly and objectively was always reassuring, as was his astute understanding of the balance between meeting the needs of the business with those of its customers. Sean has an innate ability to focus on the positive and to bring out the best in those around him. He is a highly engaged, inspirational leader and a valuable asset for any organisation.

– Shane Davis
Founding Director – Literacy Planet – 2016