Thinking Into Results with Sean


Have you ever looked at a baby in a cot and wondered about the potential that new life has?

The reality is we are all born with an incredible potential and extraordinary opportunities exist for us all right now (even for a baby born today). So why do so many fall short of what they could do, be and have?

Have you settled for less so far?

Do you know, in your gut, that you have so much more to achieve?

Have you ever felt stuck or annoyed when, despite “knowing” better, you still “do” that thing that holds you back? Holds you back  from improved health, more positive relationships or greater income? I have written an article that I think you will enjoy entitled “The Knowing – Doing Gap” and what that means in your life.

Have you been “getting ready to get ready” for too long?

Have you tried and fallen short on promises to yourself like: New Year’s Resolutions; releasing weight; getting fit; going for that promotion; cutting back on the grog? writing that book; starting that business; being more present with your partner or kids?
What will it be like next year (or in 5 years) if you don’t start to change some of your results now?

Are you ready to improve your results?

If you have read this far with me, you know you are looking (truth is, most people are looking)

What if I told you that your mindset (the collection of habits that make up your paradigms) were created by others as you grew up? It’s your paradigms that determine whether you can behave the way you must in order to get the results you desire? I only know of two ways to change your paradigms so you get results that stick.

One is a major life impact (e.g.: near death experience, serious illness diagnosis) but these are rare. The other is a simple process involving repetition that I teach in this Thinking Into Results program. Nearly 60 years of research on human potential and personal development is behind this proven process that just works.

Sadly, most people try to change by learning more “stuff” or changing a behaviour without changing their paradigm and, as you know, the changes don’t stick and they quickly regain that weight, spend that saving, deliver the old results at work or in the business.

The good news – it really isn’t hard to create change if you have the right tools and just about anyone can do it. Bob Proctor has been my mentor since 2002 and with Sandy Gallagher they have developed this program that takes 24 weeks and I believe it is the best offering anywhere in the world right now. The testimonials by others who were stuck will amaze you. Now, here’s the thing, the next 24 weeks will whip by anyway, so the question is, do you want to have moved on by then or not? It just takes a decision and a no obligation half hour with me to see if this is the path you’d like to take to be the best you ever.

If you are stuck and ready to make that change why not book a time to see me now for a free 30-minute strategy session (I’ll send you the free ‘knowing – doing gap’ article to keep in any case).

A word from Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher

Let’s take a look at everything you’ll receive in this life-changing program

A weekend course or experience just won’t change years of conditioning that created the beliefs you hold now.

Thinking into Results is able to deliver results that stick so quickly because it is structured to keep you in an active, constant state of growth and movement for a full 24-week period.

The program includes:

24 weekly LIVE coaching calls conducted via webinar. In these calls, you take a personal journey in a group context. We will work together, step by step and thought by thought, to transform your goals into achievements and your dreams into reality.

12 in-depth individual lessons which focus intensively on a single essential element with processes designed to embed the learning.

12 dynamic digital videos and mp3 downloads that motivate you and reinforce the lesson content at multiple levels of consciousness – a critical key to achieving change quickly and making it permanent.

PLUS a 194-page guidebook packed with information, activities and exercises that challenge you to immediately apply what you learn, so you see and feel yourself changing, progressing and moving closer to your goal in real time.

Access to a closed Facebook group where encouragement and support is available and actively encouraged.

A personal gratitude book to keep you focussed on the achievements and great things about your life.

Laser coaching session with me.

At every step I’ll be available to support, encourage and share expert guidance


I came to TIR with a clearly defined goal and wasn’t really sure doing the course would have much benefit, to be completely honest. Sean talked me through the 24-week course and had such energy and enthusiasm for my goals that I was hooked by his belief in me. I have had such momentous and enlightening developments in the refining and shaping of this goal now – it is bigger, far better and much more achievable than ever before. It hasn’t always been easy and it hasn’t always been comfortable but I am delighted in my personal growth. I could have watched the videos on line or read a book and would have got some benefit, but its been Sean’s guidance and suggestions that have made the most significant impact for me. This course has had more value than I could have imagined and has impacted positively on all facets of my life. Do it. You won’t regret it.

Change is inevitable, personal growth is a choice (Bob Proctor).

– Astrid Wells Cooper
Creative Entrepreneur – Producer, Director, Performer
Jane Binning Casting

Amazing program. After doing the Thinking Into Results program my life has changed permanently for the better and I cannot recommend this enough for everyone. I am a business owner and joined in an effort to achieve business and financial goals, but what I have discovered is so much more than that. TIR has changed my life and our family for the better, we are healthier, happier and have a significantly more positive outlook, we enjoy each-others company so much more and, incredibly the kids have also improved rapidly in grades at school! At home everything is better and our kids have not been in trouble or yelled at for a very long time, which is a big deal for me and I am happier for it! Sean is a great facilitator of the program and oozes passion for it, and he is always available for you, day and night! His passion is the main reason I decided to take the leap of faith and join the program. Give it a shot, it is only 6 months of your life, but it will change you forever!

– Ali Akbarian
Business Owner / Engineer


Where am I now

  • I am continuing to heal every day.

  • I let go of the need to prove myself to anyone and left the Rat Race.

  • I have started my Bowen Therapy business this year – this has been a dream for seven years.

  • My lifestyle is balanced – I meditate every day, walk in nature, enjoy wholesome foods and give gratitude for being here.

  • I live in a comfortable home that I love, in a great street in a beautiful neighborhood full of trees, parks and rivers.

  • My life is simple

  • I am Happy



I have known Sean Gordon since 2003 when we shared the passion of helping people as part of the wellness industry.  I have always been inspired by Sean’s ability to lead people to a better version of themselves.  While I would consider Sean a dear friend, our paths took us in very different directions.

When he crossed my path again in 2017, I was at a dead end – literally. Life had dealt a number of traumatic life events including a near death accident and the cumulative effect was debilitating.

Sean discussed with me the program benefits and said the magic words – “I believe in you – I know this will be great for you – you have so much to live for”.  That defining moment is a primary reason I am still here today.

Many people undertake this program to take their business to the next level.  I undertook “Thinking into Results” to rebuild myself – my body, my belief, my purpose and my vision.  Sean’s gentle persistence walking with me through the journey of self-doubt, disbelief and limitation was the light that I followed – turning up for every session, putting in my best effort to follow the program and every day my awareness grew.  My view of the world became brighter and I was able to achieve goals again – it doesn’t matter how small ‘cos all the small ones are stepping stones to the big ones.

I am so grateful to Sean and Jo-Anne for bringing “Thinking into Results” to the table and sharing their wisdom, knowledge and compassion enabling me to feel empowered, worthy and whole again. Forever in my heart.

If you are thinking about this – don’t – JUST DO IT!


If you want to ask anything to help you decide – please email me at