I am proud of this exciting new venture that my business partner Aaron Zamykal and I launched for Term 4 2018. Tukkr is like a remote controlled tuck shop that will deliver fresh, healthy, portion controlled food to schools. Tukkr aims to be part of the solution for the obesity crisis that seems to be escalating in Australia. The food is sourced from restaurants close to the school (awesome for business in their community) and delivered fresh each day. It is super convenient as parents can place orders on our web site www.tukkr.com anytime until 8:00PM the night prior and even manage a whole term in advance. The school will benefit financially from each order so an income stream is available for underperforming tuck shops or additional days made available for those schools with part time tuck shops. Tukkr is also committed to giving back and plans to support the wonderful work of SchoolAid as they empower young philanthropists.



Reduce the operational costs of the school tuck shop by outsourcing to Tukkr

Eliminate the challenge of finding volunteers or qualified food handling staff

Tukkr is simple. Parents order online & we manage all finances, orders and deliveries,
you just receive the meals with their personalised labels ready for lunch

Ensures the licensed food vendor is responsible for delivery & following our strict quality standards

Compliance with relevant legislation

A menu that considers portion sizes and nutrition guidelines that will not add to the obesity or allergy issues we are so aware

Tukkr is a low-touch profit centre for your school

Convenient for busy parents and teachers

Supports SchoolAid – empowering young philanthropists

Supporting local businesses by sourcing meals from restaurants located close to your school

Why did we create Tukkr?

Our company purpose is ‘Fuelling the well-being of our youth’.
We want to be a brand that has a positive impact on kids obesity and mental health through good nutrition.
We also support the not-for-profit SchoolAid and aim to be the leading social enterprise connected to schools around Australia.

We only deliver fresh food into schools. Our delivery process is school compliant, our
technology is secure and our meals are safe and nutritious. We have a fun attitude and do
the right thing. Our service is easy to order, easy to deliver and easy for the busy parent.


What type of payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Your card will be charged for all the meals you wish to order in advance.

What days do you deliver to my school?

We apply for approval from your school for the days we can deliver. When ordering online you will see available days that meal can be delivered to your school. If you’d like additional days please speak to your school.

What if I select the wrong date for delivery?

Please be careful, as we cannot change the delivery date of a meal after you have made payment.

What if my child has allergies?

When you are ordering a meal on our site you will be required to enter your child full name, classroom name and any allergies they have. Our suppliers will ensure your meal is safe.

What if I have an issue with a meal that was delivered to my school?

Please make contact with us through our website and we will sort out the problem.

How will the meal be delivered to my school?

Our approved suppliers will deliver the freshly made meals to the reception area of your school just before the lunch bell. The Tukkr meal bag will be marked with your child’s name. Your school will then arrange for the meal to be delivered to your child.